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Mike Sussex Mike Sussex is the technical director for OzLeisure.com.au, and responsible for everything shown on the website, and the creation and release of all podcast series'. With over 12 years experience in the commercial IT industry, working for companies large and small, Mike has extensive knowledge of all things related to computers and the Internet. As a Microsoft Certified Professional, he is also well-versed in the technology that Microsoft release to both consumers and enterprises.
8: Managing files and folders >
Release date01 June 2008Episode typeVideoPlayThis episode now
Managing files and foldersIt is a common statement from beginners and more advanced users; "I've lost the file". In this episode we explain how to know where your files are kept, how to organise them properly and keep a track of where everything is.

Running time: 24:14

7: Installing and uninstalling software and hardware >
Release date28 April 2008Episode typeVideoPlayThis episode now
Installing and uninstalling software and hardwareThis is a topic that can scare many novice users half to death; installing software and hardware. It's not a difficult subject for the more experienced user, and in this episode we remove the fear from the pocess with some very simple steps and guidelines for how it all works.

Running time: 14:41

6: User accounts and parental controls >
Release date07 April 2008Episode typeVideoPlayThis episode now
User accounts and parental controlsThe second in our basics of security set, looking at running as a standard user as opposed to an administrative user, and how to set up parental controls on an account to limit access to applictions and web sites, as well as limiting usage time on the PC.

Running time: 13:55

5: Viruses, malware, updates and firewalls >
Release date05 April 2008Episode typeVideoPlayThis episode now
Viruses, malware, updates and firewallsThere will always be people whose intention is to damage your computer or to use it in ways that you would prefer they didn't; perhaps to gather information about you or other such things, but it needn't be too much of a concern if you take some simple precautions when using your computer. This episode discusses the basics of that.

Running time: 21:11

4: Microsoft Windows Vista : Secure Desktop >
Release date25 March 2008Episode typeVideoPlayThis episode now
Microsoft Windows Vista : Secure DesktopMicrosoft Windows Vista introduces a brand new concept to the Windows platform with regards to security, the secure desktop. It's purpose is to advise the user that something with far-reaching effects is about to take place on the system and it announces that is the most dramatic way. To the experienced user, it is nothing to worry about but, to the beginner, it looks as if everything is falling apart. We explain what is happening, why it is happening, when to expect it and reassure you that everything is not actually falling apart.

Running time: 11:12

3: Microsoft Windows Vista : Customizing your desktop >
Release date18 March 2008Episode typeVideoPlayThis episode now
Microsoft Windows Vista : Customizing your desktopWe start to tune Windows Vista to suit our needs, and we start with customizing the desktop, the start menu and the system tray.

Running time: 21:40

1: Microsoft Windows Vista : Introduction >
Release date10 March 2008Episode typeVideoPlayThis episode now
Microsoft Windows Vista : IntroductionThe first of our beginners guides on Microsoft Windows Vista, a very short introduction on what the series will cover.

Running time: 5:42

2: Microsoft Windows Vista : Getting to know your desktop >
Release date10 March 2008Episode typeVideoPlayThis episode now
Microsoft Windows Vista : Getting to know your desktopWe launch into our series with the most basic look at the Windows Vista interface: the desktop. In this episode, we explain what each of the parts on screen are, what they are used for, and how to manipulate them. We define some of the terms used throughout the operating system and ease you into using Windows Vista and becoming familiar with it.

Running time: 21:54

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  • Kings Creek Helicopters
    Welcome to Kings Creek Station. Right on our doorstep lie the spectacular Central Ranges, covering an area of 168,000 sq.km. This vast maze of crags and canyons, rock formations and waterholes, craters and many more natural features are accessible only from the air.

    We offer a range of fligh

  • Launceston lakes & wildlife Park
    Just an easy half hour drive away from the bustle of Launceston brings you to Launceston Lakes. You will find Tasmanian Devils, parrots, emus, owls, alpacas and other exotic animals in our Wildlife Park. Test your skills and fly fish for trout in our well stocked lakes.
  • Ocean Rafting
    Ocean Rafting are the Whitsunday Adventure Tourism Winners, 3 years running. Experience an exhilarating ride whilst travelling to three of the top Whitsunday Island destinations all in one day.
  • Skydive Nagambie
    Skydive Nagambie is Victoria's premier skydiving centre. Located about an hour drive north of Melbourne, we specialise in taking people for their first skydiving experience.
  • Funfields
    For a full day of awesome family fun come to Funfields in Whittlesea, less than hour from Melbourne's CBD. Come ride the great Alpine Toboggan Slide, crash and splash Bumper Boats, two great Splashdown waterslides, drive on the Thunderdome Go Karts track and play the 18-hole Crocodile Creek Mini Go
  • Campbelltown Golf Club L.T.D.
    Have a relaxing day out. Play golf and enjoy great food from the restaurant or cafe, day or evening. Panoramic views set in beautiful Glen Alpine.