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  • Darwin
    Mon, 25 Jan 21. 10:44 ACST
    25.4 °C
  • Sydney
    Mon, 25 Jan 21. 11:14 AEST
    21.8 °C
  • Brisbane
    Mon, 25 Jan 21. 11:14 AEST
    20.1 °C
  • Adelaide
    Mon, 25 Jan 21. 10:44 ACST
    18.9 °C
  • Hobart
    Mon, 25 Jan 21. 11:14 AEST
    16.2 °C
  • Melbourne
    Mon, 25 Jan 21. 11:14 AEST
    19 °C
  • Perth
    Mon, 25 Jan 21. 09:14 AWST
    16.2 °C
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