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  • Darwin
    Sat, 19 Jun 21. 07:26 ACST
    25 °C
  • Sydney
    Sat, 19 Jun 21. 07:56 AEST
    12.9 °C
  • Brisbane
    Sat, 19 Jun 21. 07:56 AEST
    19.5 °C
  • Adelaide
    Sat, 19 Jun 21. 07:26 ACST
    15 °C
  • Hobart
    Sat, 19 Jun 21. 07:56 AEST
    8.6 °C
  • Melbourne
    Sat, 19 Jun 21. 07:56 AEST
    12.1 °C
  • Perth
    Sat, 19 Jun 21. 05:56 AWST
    10.6 °C
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