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OzLeisure.com.au is independently owned and operated by OzLeisure Pty. Ltd. Based in Melbourne, Victoria and formed in 2004, OzLeisure.com.au is a 100% Australian owned-and-run website specializing in providing activities for holiday and leisure time, with particular focus on those in more rural areas. With a small, highly talented staff with a combined experience of over 10 years in travel and IT and over 20 years experience of publishing, OzLeisure.com.au is quickly becoming the “go to” site for leisure time activities in Australia.
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  • Darwin
    Sat, 25 May 24. 10:10 ACST
    25.2 °C
  • Sydney
    Sat, 25 May 24. 10:40 AEST
    12.4 °C
  • Brisbane
    Sat, 25 May 24. 10:40 AEST
    16 °C
  • Adelaide
    Sat, 25 May 24. 10:10 ACST
    11.3 °C
  • Hobart
    Sat, 25 May 24. 10:40 AEST
    4 °C
  • Melbourne
    Sat, 25 May 24. 10:40 AEST
    6.6 °C
  • Perth
    Sat, 25 May 24. 08:40 AWST
    15.2 °C
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