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What is RSS?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, and is a method whereby a vistor to a website can automatically receive new content from a website without having to visit that website to find it - it is delivered to you.

RSS works on a system of "feeds" (often called News Feeds) and their presence on a web page is generally indicated by an icon similar to the orange ones shown above

All web browsers will show (using a similar icon in the address bar) that a web page contains one or more RSS feeds.

Using RSS feeds

The basic principle of an RSS feed is much similar to a bookmark. Like bookmarking a web page, you bookmark an RSS feed. The main difference between the two is that an RSS feed bookmark "polls" the web page on a periodic basis (once per hour or once per day or at some other interval) looking for new content. Should new content be found the user is either alerted to presence of that new content, or presented with it.

Once you have been alerted to the new content, it is either presented to you in the news reader (or browser) or you are presented with a link to follow to read the new content.

What do I need?

Simply, not very much at all. All modern web browsers are capable of displaying RSS feeds by clicking on the icon mentioned above. There are dedicated "feed readers" available and a search on your favourite searfh engine for "RSS feed reader" will result in thousands of options which you can investigate. There are online versions as well, such as Google's Reader application Click here to check that out.

All you do is to copy the URL of the feed (which will be shown in the address bar of your browser, or by right-clicking on an RSS link - like those above - and selecting copy shortcut), and pasting that address into the reader of choice. It will then take care of letting you know when new content is available.

More information

If you would like to find out more about the technical specifics of RSS, please read the Wikipedia article.
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  • Darwin
    Wed, 11 Dec 19. 12:46 ACST
    29.1 °C
  • Sydney
    Wed, 11 Dec 19. 01:16 AEST
    20.5 °C
  • Brisbane
    Wed, 11 Dec 19. 01:16 AEST
    26.8 °C
  • Adelaide
    Wed, 11 Dec 19. 12:46 ACST
    23.3 °C
  • Hobart
    Wed, 11 Dec 19. 01:16 AEST
    16.6 °C
  • Melbourne
    Wed, 11 Dec 19. 01:16 AEST
    15.9 °C
  • Perth
    Tue, 10 Dec 19. 11:16 AWST
    36.4 °C
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  • Kings Creek Helicopters
    Welcome to Kings Creek Station. Right on our doorstep lie the spectacular Central Ranges, covering an area of 168,000 sq.km. This vast maze of crags and canyons, rock formations and waterholes, craters and many more natural features are accessible only from the air.

    We offer a range of fligh

  • Launceston lakes & wildlife Park
    Just an easy half hour drive away from the bustle of Launceston brings you to Launceston Lakes. You will find Tasmanian Devils, parrots, emus, owls, alpacas and other exotic animals in our Wildlife Park. Test your skills and fly fish for trout in our well stocked lakes.
  • Ocean Rafting
    Ocean Rafting are the Whitsunday Adventure Tourism Winners, 3 years running. Experience an exhilarating ride whilst travelling to three of the top Whitsunday Island destinations all in one day.
  • Skydive Nagambie
    Skydive Nagambie is Victoria's premier skydiving centre. Located about an hour drive north of Melbourne, we specialise in taking people for their first skydiving experience.
  • Funfields
    For a full day of awesome family fun come to Funfields in Whittlesea, less than hour from Melbourne's CBD. Come ride the great Alpine Toboggan Slide, crash and splash Bumper Boats, two great Splashdown waterslides, drive on the Thunderdome Go Karts track and play the 18-hole Crocodile Creek Mini Go
  • Campbelltown Golf Club L.T.D.
    Have a relaxing day out. Play golf and enjoy great food from the restaurant or cafe, day or evening. Panoramic views set in beautiful Glen Alpine.