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Greg Nicholson Greg Nicholson I have grown up around hotels, living in them with my family from an early age. Both my grandparents worked in pubs and my father still works in the industry as a senior manager/group controller for Castalloes Hotels; a group of 8 Hotels in Victoria.

I moved away from the industry for a while to concentrate on teaching Martial Arts but returned to the industry in the late 1980's. After getting married, my wife and I moved to the Yarra Valley for 10 years where I became involved in the wine industry; managing a premium wine shop in the "York on Lilydale Resort" where I started my first wine club - a relatively new concept at the time.

After moving back to outer suburbs of Melbourne I started work with Vintage Cellars - a large chain group owned by Coles-Myer Group. I managed 2 of their stores for approximately 5 years before moving on to "Doc's Liquor", where I have been working for the past 5½ years.

Doc's are a chain of small, walk-in, hands-on premium wine shops that are gaining a huge following with our criteria of finding small, hard-to-get producers, and many wine and beer club activities. I am currently managing our newest shop in Balwyn North, VIC which opened at the end of 2006.

7: Champagne and Christmas drinks >
Release date13 December 2007Episode typeAudioPlayThis episode now
Champagne and Christmas drinksFollowing on from the last episode in which Greg took a detailed look at how wine is made, this time, attention turns to Champagne.

With Christmas just around the corner, what better time to think about which drinks to have over the festive period - Greg gives you his views.

Running time: 31:14

We apologies for the poor sound quality in parts of this episode.

6: How wine is made. Part 1 >
Release date25 September 2007Episode typeAudioPlayThis episode now
How wine is made. Part 1This month, Greg describes the process of making wine; from grapes to bottle.

This month's top picks:

Running time: 32:25

 Click here to download the show notes for this episode

5: Winery feature - Chandon >
Release date27 August 2007Episode typeAudioPlayThis episode now
Winery feature - ChandonWe have a truly packed show for you this month. In a change to the normal format, Greg talks about the Yarra Valley area of VIC, and some of the wineries and wine-related things to do in the area.

There are lots of items mentioned, so below is a list of the names with links to the website (where available) of all those items:

Running time: 30:10

4: Global warming >
Release date30 July 2007Episode typeAudioPlayThis episode now
Global warmingThis month, Greg talks about the affects of global warming on the wine industry in Australia.

  • Global warming and the wine industry
  • New wine makers to look out for
  • Latest news : Bremerton Old Adam gets top marks
  • Red wine : Langhorne Creek Selkirk
  • Red wine : Killibinbin Sandtrap
  • Red wine : Others from Killibinbin
  • Beer : Snowy Mountains Charlotte Hefeweizen

Running time: 24:20

3: Keeping a cellar and wine store >
Release date08 June 2007Episode typeAudioPlayThis episode now
Keeping a cellar and wine storeGreg talks about how to go about setting up a basic wine cellar with a bunch of great tips. He also talks about the issues of screw caps versus corks.

As usual, there are Greg's best buys for wine and beer and a whole bunch of top tips.

  • What is a cellar?
  • Why cellar wines?
  • Basic cellaring rules
  • Stelvin (screw) cap vs. cork
  • What does 'corked' mean?
  • Wine wine : St John's Road Eden Valley Riesling
  • Red wine : St John's Road Blood & Courage Shiraz
  • Red wine : St John's Road Julia Greenock Creek Shiraz
  • Red wine : Fox Gordon 2005 Eight Uncles Shiraz
  • Beer : Emerald Hill Pale Ale / Emerald Hill Wheat Beer
  • Beer : St Arnou

Running time: 28:52

2: Vintage reports >
Release date07 May 2007Episode typeAudioPlayThis episode now
Vintage reportsGreg talks about the highs and lows of vintages since 1990, as well as some wine styles that are not as popular in Australia as they should be.

As usual, there are Greg's best buys for wine and beer and a whole bunch of top tip's.

  • Overview of wine vintages
  • Vintage reports : 1990s
  • Vintage reports : 2000 - 2007
  • New wine styles
  • White wine : Gapsted 2005 Petit Manseng
  • Red wine : Pizzini 2005 Sangiovese
  • Beer : Snowy Mountains Bullocks Pilsner
  • Beer : Snowy Mountains Crackenback Pale Ale
  • Contact information

Running time: 30:23

1: Introduction >
Release date14 April 2007Episode typeAudioPlayThis episode now
IntroductionThis month, Greg Nicholson of Doc's Liquor and Richard Maguire of OzLeisure.com.au discuss the following items:

  • An introduction to Greg Nicholson and Doc's Liquor
  • Doc's events
  • Doc's beer club
  • Australian wine history
  • White wine : Boot's Pinot Gris Blanc
  • White wine : Heartland's Pinot Gris
  • Red wine : Heartland's Base Shiraz
  • Screw cap vs. Corked bottles
  • Red wine : Glaetzer Wine's Amon Ra
  • Beer : Byron Bay Premium Ale
  • Beer : Gage Roads Pure Malt Lager
  • Contact information

Running time: 25:48

8: The craft beer market in Australia >
Release dateNot released yetEpisode typeAudio
The craft beer market in AustraliaBeer is the new wine and suddenly everyone wants to try different and new beers - we look at the changing face of the Aussie market.

Best buys in red and white wines
Craft beers - feature - the best of the Australian newbies on the market.

9: Matching food and wine >
Release dateNot released yetEpisode typeAudio
Matching food and wineWhat goes with what and do we have to stay with traditonal choice when it comes to matching food and wine?
Decanting wine
- Why do I decant wine?
- How do I do it?
- What benefits do I get?

Best buys in red and white wine
Craft beer - the latest and greatest

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