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The new site version has arrived

New website version launched After all the talking, and the initial wait and subsequent waiting, the brand new version of the website can now be revealed. Those of you who have visited the site since 1st September would have already seen the new website, but the rest of you should take a look now. There are heaps of new features, and changes to almost everything else. There are far too many to detail them all here, but we can give you a little taster of some of the bigger changes. So, here goes ...

New look and feel

You would have noticed that this newsletter is completely different to the ones you have seen before from us. This is all to do with the new look-and-feel of the website. The new look is much cleaner than before, much easier to read with bigger text, more whitespace and a more consistent general look. The new look harnesses the current thinking in web design towards less clutter on pages with text more spread out. We hope you like it.

Besides the general changes there, we have also re-designed the site navigation, both between pages and within pages making it considerably easier for you to find the information that you are looking for, and to find your perfect activity.

New route planner

This is a brand new section of the site which has been added with the new version. The route planner allows you to plot a route (with turn-by-turn directions) through multiple way points. The results are shown in text and on an interactive map. Besides the route itself, the site also shows all of the activities available along the route (within a 2km radius of each way point) which means that you will be able to find activities you never knew existed that are already on your way to wherever you are headed.

New artists lounge section

For all of you budding and established artists out there, now has a brand new section where you can display your works for free. If you have a gallery then you can add details of that, complete with a map and directions to the location. Or, if you just want to show off your talents, you can upload your images, videos, audio clips and texts for all to see.

The artists lounge is open to all Australian artists to post into, and for all visitors to browse through. It is completely free of charge to enter your details as an artist, and to upload an unlimited number of works. Of course, it is also free to browse the artists and works that will be shown there. All content is completely moderated.

We would very much like to thank Peter Kovascy from the Peter Kovascy studios for his most generous help and assistance with the new artist lounge section. Thanks Peter, much appreciated mate. You can check out Peter's studio listing by clicking here.

Improved searching

There have been heaps of changes with regards to searching on the website. Firstly, there are now maps almost everywhere ... on state home pages, event listings, within listing details, on artist detials and exhibitions. All of the maps are completely interactive which means they can be dragged around, and zoomed into and out of. Such a system now allows you to just browse an area rather than having to know exactly where you want to go. Most maps that are shown have markers for all of the activities in the area that the map covers.

Besides the maps, we have also upgraded the actual search system itself. Some would say root-and-branch change. There are now additional search options to include search categories and general activity location (CBD or regional) and keyword search has been dramatically improved so that more results, and more relevant results are returned.

Much, much more

There really are just too many changes and improvements to the site to list them all here. Above are some of the biggest, but it is by no means a complete list. You'll just have to check out the site to see everything.

We are really proud of the new website version, and wrapped that it is now out there for all to see, but that doesn't mean that development work stops. We have already started planning the next big thing, so watch out over the coming few months for more goodies.

If you are wondering where the featured listings and event details are, they will be back next month.

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