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Latest news 
New web servers
Over the past few months, the website has been going from strength to strength, with visitor numbers and page views increasing at a dramatic rate. So much so in fact, that we have had to upgrade the web servers that we use to accommodate all of the new visitors and the tremendous amount of bandwidth that we are serving up.

Now, as a result of these upgrades we are able to do more with the website than ever before, so, watch out over the coming few months for some really exciting, and innovative features on the site. We hope you like them. would like to thank all of the team at ExpressNet web hosting for their invaluable help with this upgrade - without them it would have been impossible. Thanks very much guys!

OzLeisure grapevine update
OzLeisure Grapevine podcastAs you may remember, a couple of weeks ago we wrote to you advising that our latest podcast, "OzLeisure Grapevine" - all about the wine and beer, hosted by Greg Nicholson from Doc's Liquor was launched. Well, we are pleased to report that we have had an absolutely staggering amount of interest in the new show, which is great news.

The next episode is now recorded and produced, and it will be released on about the 10th of May. This month, Greg is talking about new wine styles and exploring in depth the wine vintages from 1990-2007. Greg also imparts some of his many years experience and gives some great top tips for buying wine and beer.

We are very pleased about the great reception that the new show has received. If you haven't had a listen already then head on over to the OzLeisure Grapevine show page where you can catch the episodes that have been released, read all about Greg and check out what's coming up in future episodes.

If you have a question about Wine & Beer, or a topic you would like covered in a future show, please send us an e-mail and we'll ask Greg to cover it.

Show pages for podcasts and podcast introduction lesson
We have created new show pages for the podcasts that we release, and you can find a list of them here. More shows will be added to this list as we release them. From the show pages you can listen to all of the previously released show episodes, read about the presenters and check out what's up and coming in future shows.

Also, we have put together a beginners guide to podcasts. This one-off episode, hosted by Mike Sussex, our Technical Director, explains what a podcast is, how they can be of use to you and how portable they are, what you need to get started as well as dispelling some of the misconceptions that people have. It is a 12 minute episode and is aimed squarely at the new-comer, so no technical expertese is assumed and anyone can listen and follow along.

Listen online from the show page.

Just a little taster from some of the activities on the site.

Sailing Adventures NT
Sailing Adventures NT Sunset cruises on Darwin Harbour. Relax in comfort aboard 10m luxury catamaran. Max 12 passengers - intimate, quiet and personal service.

Click here for more detials.

Adelaide Riviera Motel
Adelaide Riviera Motel Adelaide Riviera has quality, 4 star accommodation.

Click here for more detials.

Balloon Aloft
Balloon Aloft Balloon Aloft flies in many areas around Australia, with each location chosen for the excellent conditions throughout the year, as well as the spectacular beauty.

Click here for more detials.

ExpressNet web hosting

Upcoming events - Queensland special feature 
4 May 2007 - 3 Jun 2007
Terwatin, QLD
Noosa Regional Gallery is proud to present the comprehensive touring exhibition of works by Judy Cassab. The Exhibition will be opened by Kristin Williamson, author and founding member of the Noosa LongWeekend on Friday 4 May 6pm.
'Flow' Luella Price
4 May 2007 - 3 Jun 2007
Terwatin, QLD
'Flow' focuses on the need of the individual to save water as climate change and population growth creates a water shortage across most communities in Australia.
'Not for Voyeurs' : Helen Celeste-Allen
4 May 2007 - 3 Jun 2007
Terwatin, QLD
Helen Celeste-Allen is an artist driven to explore different realities, many of which she considers are valid. Her works present themes of complex relationships, spirituality, sensuality and love.
Flowers and other works in stone
06May2007 - 27May2007
Cedar Creek, QLD
An exhibition of sculptures by Antone Bruinsma at his sculpture park at Cedar Creek halfway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, every Sunday in May and other times by appointment.

See all events for May See all events for June Add your event

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