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Event name Pleasure Seeking Syndrome Exhibition Date(s) 02 Feb 2007 - 04 Mar 2007 Location Noosa, QLD

Organising activity Noosa Regional Gallery
What :Exhibition Opening at Noosa Regional Gallery
When :Friday 2 February 2007 6.00 pm
Title :P.S.S. Pleasure Seeking Syndrome
Artists :Majena Mafe and Susan Buret
Until :Exhibition continues until Sunday 4 March 2007

P.S.S. Pleasure Seeking Syndrome, an installation by the innovative collaborative team, unplacements between, Majena Mafe and Susan Buret will open at the Noosa Regional Gallery Friday 2 February at 6 .00 pm and continue to 4 March 2007.

Artists have long been fascinated by the methods used in seducing customers, and by the locales of shopping – from corner shops and department stores to contemporary suburban mega-malls. Pleasure Seeking Syndrome is a video and installation piece that works as a parody of these generators of consumer desire. It examines the extenuated moment of frustrated desire and the relationship between the display, distribution and consumption of commodities and modern and contemporary art. As an installation it works to blur the distinction between the consumer experience and the gallery environment, joyfully poking a stick at that desire of ours to buy, buy, buy… but in this case held at a constant point of pink, pink, pink frustration.

Overall by focusing on this aspect of contemporary affluent life, joking the luxury of 'goods' and developing branding techniques with self-aware-attitude our collaborative work stimulates viewers to experience objects of desire as fetishes of society. A recent article, In Search of a Cure for Paradise Syndrome by Elizabeth Farrelly refers to the Paradise Syndrome as first mentioned in a 1968 episode of Star trek. It is the severe depression caused by having it all. Raymond Tallis a British philosopher and doctor says the cure is …guess what, ART!! Art is just one of voices used for critical framing of culture but a juicy one.

More information and images available from media contact: Maryke Stagg

Noosa Regional Gallery
T: 07 5449 5376,
email: mstagg@noosa.qld.gov.au

Event: P.S.S. Pleasure Seeking Syndrome

Exhibition dates: opening Friday 2 February (6pm), closing: 4 March 2007

Noosa Regional Gallery, Pelican St, Tewantin 4565,
T: 07 5449 5340,
Gallery hours: Tues to Sun 10 am – 4 pm
Image: unplacements between Majena Mafe and Susan Buret

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